Dataset: /thredds/ncss/cft/C48-14k_C64-60k_gfdlcm20_B1-ct-uf-s/ ( Dataset Description )

Base Time: 1986-11-01T06:00:00Z

Select Variable(s):

cor = Coriolis factor
land_mask = Land-sea mask
map = Map factor
rsmin = Rsmin
sigmf = Vegetation fraction
soilt = Soil type
vegt = Vegetation type
wetfrac = Initial wetness fraction layer 3
zolnd = Surface roughness
zs = Surface height

Variables with Time coordinate time

alb = Surface albedo
capemax = Maximum daily Cape
cbas_ave = Avg cloud base
cld = Total cloud ave
clh = Hi cloud ave
cll = Low cloud ave
clm = Mid cloud ave
ctop_ave = Avg cloud top
dew_ave = Avg dew flux
dpsdt = Surface pressure tendency
eg = Latent heat flux
eg_ave = Avg latent heat flux
epan = Potential "pan" evaporation
epan_ave = Avg potential "pan" evaporation
epot_ave = Avg potential evaporation
evap = Avg evaporation
fg = Sensible heat flux
fg_ave = Avg sensible heat flux
fracice = Sea ice fraction
ga_ave = Avg flux into tgg1 layer
iwp_ave = Avg ice water path
lwp_ave = Avg liquid water path
maxrnd = Maximum precip rate in a timestep
pblh = PBL depth
ps = Surface pressure
psl = Mean sea level pressure
pwc = Precipitable water column
qbot = Specific humidity at lowest sigma level
qgscrn = Screen mixing ratio
rgc_ave = Clear sky LW at ground
rgdn_ave = LW downwelling at ground
rgn_ave = LW net at ground (+ve up)
rh1_03 = rhum level_1 3-hrly 3hr
rh1_06 = rhum level_1 3-hrly 6hr
rh1_09 = rhum level_1 3-hrly 9hr
rh1_12 = rhum level_1 3-hrly 12hr
rh1_15 = rhum level_1 3-hrly 15hr
rh1_18 = rhum level_1 3-hrly 18hr
rh1_21 = rhum level_1 3-hrly 21hr
rh1_24 = rhum level_1 3-hrly 24hr
rhmaxscr = Maximum screen relative humidity
rhminscr = Minimum screen relative humidity
rnc = Convective precipitation
rnd = Precipitation
rnd03 = 3hr precipitation
rnd06 = 6hr precipitation
rnd09 = 9hr precipitation
rnd12 = 12hr precipitation
rnd15 = 15hr precipitation
rnd18 = 18hr precipitation
rnd21 = 21hr precipitation
rnd24 = 24hr precipitation
rnet = Net radiation
rtc_ave = Clear sky LW at TOA
rtu_ave = LW at TOA
runoff = Runoff
sgdn_ave = Solar downwelling at ground
sgn_ave = Solar net at ground (+ve down)
siced = Sea ice depth
sint_ave = Solar in at TOA
snd = Snow depth (liquid water)
sno = snowfall
soc_ave = Clear sky SW out at TOA
sot_ave = Solar out at TOA
taux = Zonal wind stress
tauy = Meridional wind stress
tbot = Air temperature at lowest sigma level
tgg1 = Soil temperature lev 1
tgg2 = Soil temperature lev 2
tgg3 = Soil temperature lev 3
tgg4 = Soil temperature lev 4
tgg5 = Soil temperature lev 5
tgg6 = Soil temperature lev 6
tmaxscr = Maximum screen temperature
tminscr = Minimum screen temperature
tpan = Pan temperature
tscr_03 = tscrn 3-hrly 3hr
tscr_06 = tscrn 3-hrly 6hr
tscr_09 = tscrn 3-hrly 9hr
tscr_12 = tscrn 3-hrly 12hr
tscr_15 = tscrn 3-hrly 15hr
tscr_18 = tscrn 3-hrly 18hr
tscr_21 = tscrn 3-hrly 21hr
tscr_24 = tscrn 3-hrly 24hr
tscr_ave = Average screen temperature
tscrn = Screen temperature
tsea = Sea surface temperature
tsu = Surface temperature
u10 = 10m wind speed
u10_03 = Zonal 10m wind 3hr
u10_06 = Zonal 10m wind 6hr
u10_09 = Zonal 10m wind 9hr
u10_12 = Zonal 10m wind 12hr
u10_15 = Zonal 10m wind 15hr
u10_18 = Zonal 10m wind 18hr
u10_21 = Zonal 10m wind 21hr
u10_24 = Zonal 10m wind 24hr
u10max = Zonal max 10m wind
u1max = Zonal max level_1 wind
u2max = Zonal max level_2 wind
ubot = Eastward wind at lowest sigma level
uscrn = Screen level wind speed
ustar = friction velocity
v10_03 = Meridional 10m wind 3hr
v10_06 = Meridional 10m wind 6hr
v10_09 = Meridional 10m wind 9hr
v10_12 = Meridional 10m wind 12hr
v10_15 = Meridional 10m wind 15hr
v10_18 = Meridional 10m wind 18hr
v10_21 = Meridional 10m wind 21hr
v10_24 = Meridional 10m wind 24hr
v10max = Meridional max 10m wind
v1max = Meridional max level_1 wind
v2max = Meridional max level_2 wind
vaveuq = Vertical average of zonal humidity flux
vaveut = Vertical average of zonal temperature flux
vavevq = Vertical average of meridional humidity flux
vavevt = Vertical average of meridional temperature flux
vbot = Northward wind at lowest sigma level
wb1 = Soil moisture lev 1
wb2 = Soil moisture lev 2
wb3 = Soil moisture lev 3
wb4 = Soil moisture lev 4
wb5 = Soil moisture lev 5
wb6 = Soil moisture lev 6
wbfroot = Soil moisture as frac FC levels 3-4
wbfshal = Soil moisture as frac FC levels 1-2
wbftot = Soil moisture as frac FC levels 1-6
wetfrac1 = Wetness fraction layer 1
wetfrac2 = Wetness fraction layer 2
wetfrac3 = Wetness fraction layer 3
wetfrac4 = Wetness fraction layer 4
wetfrac5 = Wetness fraction layer 5
wetfrac6 = Wetness fraction layer 6

with Vertical Levels ( lev ) : 0.9955419898033142 sigma_level
cfrac = Cloud fraction
div = Divergence
mixr = Water mixing ratio
omega = vertical velocity
qfg = Frozen water
qlg = Liquid water
rh = Relative humidity
temp = Air temperature
u = Zonal wind
v = Meridional wind
zg = Geopotential height

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